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West Creek Land


The land parcels that constitute the approximately 6,919 deeded acres of West Creek Ranch are located in Mesa County, Colorado (approx. 6,412 acres) and in bordering Grand County, Utah (approx. 507 acres). In addition to the ranch headquarters parcel (approx. 277 acres) containing the main residence, the West Creek Ranch parcels include Sky Mesa (approx. 5,803 acres), Gill Meadows (approx. 389 acres) and Blue Creek parcels (approx. 450 acres).

The deeded lands of West Creek Ranch are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service, assuring unspoiled views of vast and protected landscapes from all ranch parcels. The expansive natural landscape views in all directions from the West Creek Ranch main residence contain no views of neighboring properties or structures.


West Creek Ranch includes a tract of 4,040 acres on the Sky Mesa parcel constituting the Cottonwood Canyon nature habitat and wilderness area that has been placed for protection in a conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy. Although this conservation area can be enjoyed for scenic hikes, camping, fishing, and elk hunting, no new roads or structures can be added to this treasured wildlife habitat area.

In addition, 78 acres of land containing the ruins of the historic Driggs Mansion on the Gill Meadows parcel have been placed in a conservation easement within the Mesa Land Trust for long term protection.

Scenic and Geologic Attributes

The scenic attributes of West Creek Ranch include one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring viewscapes in North America, containing breathtaking views of soaring red rock canyons, the stunning Palisade landform, the snow-capped La Sal Mountains, the winding green riparian areas of the Dolores River and West Creek, unique geologic features of ancient Unaweep Canyon with its vast exposure of Precambrian rock, the undisturbed natural wilderness habitat of Cottonwood Canyon, and wondrous mesa-top overlooks of Sinbad Valley and the Dolores River Canyon.

Dinosaur fossils and Native American rock art, scattered throughout the land as well as on surrounding public land, complete this offering of a unique and spectacular swath of the American West.

Water Rights

West Creek Ranch holds significant water rights in western Mesa County, Colorado and eastern Grand County, Utah, that are supplied from the Dolores River and various tributary streams including West Creek, Gill Creek, John Brown Creek, Blue Creek, Calamity Creek, and North and South Loba Creeks.

West Creek Ranch also offers two irrigation ponds, pump house, and modern sprinkler irrigation system.

Hunting and Grazing

West Creek Ranch provides trophy-class hunting opportunities for mule deer, elk, mountain lion, bear, and a large variety of small game and waterfowl.  The ranch lies within Game Management Unit (GMU) 61, home to the Uncompaghre Plateau herds of over 10,000 elk and 17,000 mule deer. GMU 61 is managed for quality under a limited license system, and West Creek Ranch is enrolled in the Landowner Priority Preference System which provides 15 percent of all limited licenses in a unit to private landowners, thereby greatly increasing big game hunting opportunities. West Creek Ranch also holds BLM cattle grazing permits with an allotment of 520 AUMs.

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